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Improving healthcare possibilities for teens and adults with developmental disabilities

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

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The Adult Disability Medical Home
Individuals living with developmental disabilities experience significant health and healthcare disparities. ADMH was founded to address these disparities and provide an innovative comprehensive interdisciplinary team approach to addressing healthcare and social service needs in this patient population. ADMH partners with Urban Family Practice Associates (UFPA), utilizing the Patient Centered Medical Home model. Patients may choose to be served as consultative care or may make ADMH/UFPA their medical home.

All patients begin their healthcare experience within our ADMH team. From there, options are available to receive primary care within a medical home model at Urban Family Practice Associates or to serve as a comprehensive consultative service to patients who have a primary care physician. ADMH is one of a few clinics nationwide offering care for patients with developmental disabilities within a PCMH provided within a community based setting and offering both primary and specialty based care.


Individuals with developmental disabilities will access healthcare opportunities with few barriers.  We strive to facilitate that access as well as empower our patients to engage the medical community and become equal partners in their own care.


The mission of the Adult Disability Medical Home (ADMH) is to provide comprehensive, coordinated healthcare for teens and adults with developmental disabilities.  We strive to empower our patients and their families to become advocates for their own health and wellness needs.

Agency Goals:

  • Increase access to adult services as individuals with developmental disabilities transition from pediatric to adult health care services

  • Support and conduct comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate patient care to adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities

  • Provide educational and informational activities to family providers and other interested parties thereby increasing public awareness

  • Offer leadership, training and support to other medical providers and primary care health providers in the field of adult developmental disability issues

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