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Our Clinical Services

Our Clinical Services


The ADMH Team

The ADMH team manages care and services for you – acting as the “hub” for your health care. The Patient Centered Medical Home model (PCMH) puts YOU, the individual, at the center of the healthcare system, and provides primary care that is accessible, continuous, comprehensive family-centered, coordinated and compassionate.



The ADMH Healthcare Team​

During your visit, healthcare is provided by an experienced team including physicians, medical assistants, social workers, education/behavior specialists, and patient advocates. The team provides a comprehensive evaluation and plan with referrals to other specialists, psychologists, psychiatrists, dietitians and others as needed.

Services Include:
  • Comprehensive medical assessment & ongoing treatment

  • Educational and vocational planning

  • Transition to adult services

  • Medication management

  • Behavioral assessments and management

  • Life and long term planning

  • End of life issues

  • Resource strategies

A “Patient-Centered Medical Home” (PCMH) is a healthcare model that provides coordinated, comprehensive, compassionate care within a framework that focuses on the needs of the patient.


We look forward to your visit at the Adult Disability Medical Healthcare, where we provide comprehensive care for teens and adults with developmental disabilities.

INTAKE:  Entry point is an email to our Clinic Director/Executive Director, Janice Nodvin, Please include your phone number.  A telephone interview will be conducted to provide us with basic patient and family information. Once this is completed, the new patient packet will be sent to the family. ​


NEW PATIENT PACKET:  A packet of patient forms is sent to the family. We ask that this be completed and returned to us as soon as possible to complete the intake process. Once the packet is reviewed, an appointment slot is provided. No patient is scheduled until the new patient forms are returned and reviewed.


PRE-VISIT INTERVIEW: The ADMH social worker or family support coordinator sets up a telehealth interview to obtain more specific information and concerns.


DAY OF APPOINTMENT:  ADMH follows strict CDC COVID guidelines. We are able to provide in office visits for patients who are able to wear a face mask. The individual is evaluated by the physician with the assistance of the medical assistant. This visit includes a comprehensive medical examination, labs, immunizations, EKG and other procedures as needed.

Telehealth Visits: For those patients who find it too difficult to come into the office or who are unable to wear a face mask, we are able to set up telemedicine visits.


AFTER THE APPOINTMENT:  The ADMH team will address all of patient and family concerns. A behavioral assessment will be provided via telehealth if needed. A comprehensive report is provided after all lab work and team notes are reviewed. You will hear from a team member post appointment to answer any questions.


  • Annual and initial appointments are comprehensive and take time. We have divided the process up so that our patients are in our offices for approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Pre and post contact is made to complete the interdisciplinary visit. We ask that all patients be seen for an annual team visit.

  • Follow-up appointments may be accomplished in a shorter time frame

  • Sick visits: If the individual is a patient of Urban Family Practice, sick visits are scheduled through the Urban Family Practice front desk. ​


INSURANCE & FEES:  Bring your insurance cards. A $75 administrative fee is processed at the time of service. This pays for supports that are not covered under insurance. As an ADMH patient, no additional charges are requested for forms or letters you may need. We accept private insurance, Medicare and Georgia Medicaid. A fee of $50 may be incurred for a missed appointment without 24 hours’ notice.

FOLLOW-UP:  At the end of the initial appointment, a preliminary treatment plan along with referrals and additional resources may be provided.  A comprehensive written report detailing the evaluation will be sent to the parent/guardian. This can be expected within about four weeks of the visit.

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